Field Producer

Sabrina Avilés worked on REBEL and freelances for Iguana Films. She has worked as an independent film and video producer for over 20 years. She earned a B.S. in Communications from Boston University. At New England’s local PBS station, WGBH, she worked on several national series, including "Mexico", "War & Peace in the Nuclear Age", "Masterpiece Theatre", "Nova" and "American Experience". As an independent producer, Ms. Avilés coordinated educational dramatic and documentary productions that took her throughout Latin America and Spain.

In addition to her production career, Ms. Avilés has also danced, choreographed, and has taught flamenco professionally for the past 17 years in New England and the New York metropolitan area. Ms.Avilés created a vibrant art gallery, dance, music and film exhibition programs and community workshops as the former Director of the only arts center in New England dedicated to promoting Latin American art and culture, the Center for Latino Arts. Ms. Avilés is on the board of directors of Ballet Rox, and is an advisory board member of Mass College of Art’s Art and Community Partnerships, and ActRoxbury's Literacy Program. She is also a member of NALIP Boston and a member of the St. Botolph’s Club.



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